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What is your IRS problem costing you?  Relationships? Peace of mind?  Your sanity?  Are you stressed out all the time, wondering if ‘today’ is the day that there is a letter in your mailbox, or worse, a Revenue Agent showing up at your business?

Imagine your life for a minute without any IRS problems or concerns.  What does your life look and feel like??  Hold onto that thought.

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So, why would you go before the IRS without representation? The IRS is the most aggressive Collection Agency in the World. You need an advocate who will secure the best possible solution to your problem. Daniel Cotts is a Licensed Tax Attorney, specially trained in tax problem resolution, and will settle your Tax Debt for the lowest amount legally possible.

If you’re ready to end your IRS nightmare once and for all click the button below to schedule a free tax relief evaluation! During our meeting together we’ll evaluate your case to make sure you’re a good fit for our firm as well as create an action plan to move forward.
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Over 26 years of practicing law

Daniel T.A. COTTS,
J.D., MAcc, LL.M.,

COTTS LAW in Corpus Christi has tried and settled numerous cases.
Daniel is a skilled Tax Attorney  tax resolution Expert who moved to Corpus Christi in 2019 to expand his practice and return to Texas. With over 26 years of experience in the legal profession, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge of Taxation, IRS Dispute representation & resolution, Estate Planning, Accounting, and Business & Contract Law to South Texas.

Our Tax Resolution Process



One hour no obligation consultation with our Licensed Tax Attorney to discuss the details of the case.



We’re now your legal representative and you’ll no longer need to speak to the IRS. We’ll begin looking at your resolution options



Here we will establish IRS compliance by filing any unfiled returns and entering you into a qualifying settlement program.



Case closed – Your IRS nightmare is over. We’ll work with you to create a plan to help you stay compliant in the future.

Did you know that IRS Debt Expires?

Not every tax preparation firm is qualified to solve tax problems.

It’s important to note that just because a tax preparer is licensed to represent you doesn’t mean they are qualified. Solving tax problems is a specialty.

Imagine for a second that you just broke your leg and required surgery. Would you rather have a general surgeon perform the operation or a specially trained Orthopedic Surgeon? Both are licensed.

Solving tax problems is both an art and a science, and to get a good result requires an extensive knowledge of IRS processes and procedures. Go with the “Tax Equivalent” of the Orthopedic Surgeon. Put your trust in the experts that have helped countless taxpayers get back on track with the IRS.


Words From Clients

Maari Rubin
Maari Rubin
Exceptional Tax Resolution Services by Cotts Law and Attorney Daniel CottsDealing with tax issues can be daunting, but my experience with Cotts Law, specifically with Dan, was absolutely outstanding. From the onset, I was greeted with the utmost professionalism and a genuine understanding of my tax predicament.Dan and his team at Cotts Law stood out because of their transparency and expertise. They meticulously explained every aspect of the tax resolution process, making sure I understood my options and what to expect. Their profound knowledge of tax law and adept negotiation skills with the IRS led to a resolution far better than I could have ever anticipated.Communication was a high point with Cotts Law. I received regular updates, and my questions were always welcomed and answered promptly and clearly. It’s rare to find such a high level of commitment and client care, especially in such stressful situations.What truly impressed me was how Dan personalized the service to fit my unique case. It wasn’t just a standard approach; it was a tailored strategy to ensure the best outcome for me. The dedication and attention to detail by the Cotts Law team were remarkable.Because of Cotts Law, I have successfully navigated through my tax issues and can now move forward without that weight on my shoulders. I wholeheartedly recommend Cotts Law to anyone in need of tax resolution services. Their professionalism, expertise, and client-focused approach are indeed deserving of a 5-star rating.
R Suth.
R Suth.
Mr. Cotts was really helpful with our small business tax audit. He handled it well, was easy to work with, and made everything clear to us. He answered our questions quickly and made sure we understood everything. We're definitely going to keep working with him.
Daniel Cotts is an experienced attorney when representing you with IRS matters. He is knowledgeable and will help you resolve issues with IRS. I would recommend Daniel Cotts because he is qualified to represent you with IRS tax issues.
Tom Porter
Tom Porter
Mr. Cott's made a complicated process easy. All the documents are all in one 3 ring notebook for easy reference for those who have to make final arrangements or follow-up. Daniel is was most helpful and knowledgeable on Living Trusts and taxes. I would highly recommend him for the services he provides.
Dale Pittman
Dale Pittman
"I would like recommend Daniel Cott who is an attorney that is compassionate and cares about his clients interest. I have personally witnessed this in his work with others. Daniel is knowledgeable in tax law and puts his clients interest first."
Gerald Lopez
Gerald Lopez
A little over a year ago, I went online to my 401k site to take out a distribution for the holidays. I screwed the pooch and accidently took out all of my money, which is something I didn't want to do. I called them up to ask if I could get this reversed? This where fun began. The IRS took the taxes and the people in the banking sector placed the money in a "holding account" Initially I was told 4-6 weeks. Then 6-8 weeks, then i was told it could fake several years. Not willing to wait this long, I employed a Lawyer named Daniel Cotts, out of C.C. Texas. Today I received word that most of the money was put back, with the rest coming. I believe I couldn't received this money as soon as I have without the help of Daniel Cotts. A gain, Thank You Mr. Cotts!
Jacque Marchant
Jacque Marchant
Dan Cotts is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. He reviewed my tax return, discovered the problem and explained it to me, then promptly solved the problem. I will definitely seek his advice in the future.
Heather Ferguson
Heather Ferguson
Daniel was great to work with. He was compassionate, attentive and quick to respond to communication. I highly recommend him.
If you’re ready to end your IRS nightmare once and for call click the button below to schedule a free tax relief evaluation! During our meeting together we’ll evaluate your case to make sure you’re a good fit for our firm as well as create an action plan to move forward.



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