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At COTTS LAW, we value the time and priorities of our clients. We believe that it shows clearly in the results we strive to achieve with you and your loved ones.

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With our extensive knowledge of state and federal law, you can rest assured that you are in good hands in dealing with us. In Corpus Christi, you can work with an experienced estate planning attorney for Wills and Trusts. COTTS LAW can also guide you through each step of the probate process. Any estate issues will be handled with care, professionalism according to the Business Laws.

Let our high ethical and moral standards be a shoulder to lean on whenever you are unsure of how to approach these matters. Our team in Corpus Christi is ready to help you with all probate and estate planning needs you may encounter.

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What Are The Benefits Of Estate Planning?


Protecting your assets in the event of your death, a lawsuit against you, a divorce, and avoiding a significant amount of estate taxes.


Appointing personal representatives to manage your affairs fitting your wishes and instructions.


Ensure that your loved one with special needs is provided for and receives their inheritance and government aid.

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