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Tax Help: Many individuals and businesses in Kingsville, TX, often underestimate the complexity of tax laws and the potential consequences of non-compliance. While some may attempt to handle their tax matters independently, the reality is that seeking professional assistance from a knowledgeable Tax Attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome. COTTS LAW, A Tax Resolution Law Firm,  offers expert tax help tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you navigate through IRS matters with confidence and ease.

Federal Tax Lien: One of the most serious consequences of unpaid taxes is the imposition of a federal tax lien. This legal claim by the government against your property can have far-reaching implications, affecting your credit score, ability to secure loans, and even leading to asset seizures. COTTS LAW specializes in resolving federal tax liens, providing strategic solutions to protect your assets and financial interests in Kingsville, TX.

Unfiled Returns: Failure to file tax returns can result in severe penalties and legal consequences. Many individuals may find themselves in this situation due to various reasons, such as financial hardship or oversight. COTTS LAW understands the complexities surrounding unfiled returns and offers comprehensive assistance to help you get back on track. Our experienced team will guide you through the process of filing delinquent returns and mitigating any potential penalties or liabilities.

Levies and Garnishments: IRS levies and garnishments can wreak havoc on your finances, leading to wage garnishments, bank account seizures, and other enforcement actions. Ignoring these notices can exacerbate the situation, resulting in further financial distress. COTTS LAW provides expert representation to individuals facing levies and garnishments in Kingsville, TX. Our skilled team work tirelessly to negotiate with the IRS and find viable solutions to alleviate the burden on our clients.

Foreign Bank Account Problems: With increased scrutiny on offshore accounts, individuals with foreign bank accounts must ensure compliance with reporting requirements to avoid hefty penalties and legal consequences. COTTS LAW offers specialized assistance to clients in Kingsville, TX, with foreign bank account problems, including FBAR compliance, reporting obligations, and voluntary disclosure programs. Our knowledgeable Tax Attorney navigate the complexities of international tax laws to protect your interests and minimize liabilities.

Seizures of Assets: The IRS has the authority to seize assets to satisfy unpaid tax debts, including real estate, vehicles, and other valuable property. Asset seizures can have devastating financial implications, jeopardizing your livelihood and future. COTTS LAW provides strategic representation to individuals facing asset seizures in Kingsville, TX, working diligently to protect your assets and negotiate favorable resolutions with the IRS.

Payroll Tax Problems: Employers must comply with payroll tax obligations to avoid penalties, fines, and legal consequences. However, payroll tax problems can arise due to various factors, including misclassification of employees, payroll tax withholding errors, and non-payment of payroll taxes. COTTS LAW offers comprehensive assistance to businesses in Kingsville, TX, facing payroll tax issues, providing expert guidance and representation to resolve these complex matters efficiently.

Offer in Compromise: The Offer in Compromise (OIC) program allows eligible taxpayers to settle their tax debts for less than the full amount owed. However, navigating the OIC process requires careful consideration of eligibility criteria, financial documentation, and negotiation strategies. COTTS LAW, A Tax Resolution Law Firm, specializes in Offer in Compromise representation in Kingsville, TX, helping individuals and businesses explore this option and negotiate favorable settlements with the IRS.

Installment Agreement: An installment agreement allows taxpayers to pay their tax debts over time in manageable monthly installments. However, securing an installment agreement requires careful negotiation and compliance with IRS guidelines. COTTS LAW offers expert assistance with installment agreements in Kingsville, TX, helping clients establish feasible payment plans and avoid further enforcement actions by the IRS.

Penalty Abatement: IRS penalties and interest can accrue rapidly, exacerbating tax debts and creating financial strain for individuals and businesses. However, penalty abatement offers relief for taxpayers who demonstrate reasonable cause for non-compliance or hardship. COTTS LAW specializes in penalty abatement representation in Kingsville, TX, advocating for clients to reduce or eliminate IRS penalties and interest through strategic negotiation and documentation.

Audit Representation: Facing an IRS audit can be daunting, requiring meticulous preparation and knowledgeable representation to navigate successfully. COTTS LAW offers expert audit representation services in Kingsville, TX, guiding clients through every stage of the audit process and advocating for their rights and interests. Our experienced team will ensure that your audit experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible, minimizing potential liabilities and penalties.

Innocent Spouse: Innocent spouse relief provides protection for taxpayers who are unfairly held liable for tax debts incurred by their spouse or former spouse. However, qualifying for innocent spouse relief requires meeting specific criteria and providing compelling evidence of innocence. COTTS LAW, A Tax Resolution Law Firm,  offers compassionate and expert assistance with innocent spouse cases in Kingsville, TX, advocating for fair treatment and relief for innocent spouses facing IRS scrutiny.

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