How to Avoid 4 Tax Resolution Company Rip-Offs!

by | May 5, 2023 | Law

It can be difficult to find the correct tax expert to assist you with your issue if you’re having trouble with tax resolution. How can you be certain you’re employing a trained and trustworthy tax resolution specialist when there is so much conflicting information and misinformation available?

This article offers a thorough guide on how to avoid tax resolution company scams if you’re looking for professional advice. Discover the four most typical frauds and what to look for in a trustworthy tax resolution specialist by reading on.

Overpromising outcomes ranks first on the list of frauds. Be on the lookout if a tax setlement professional guarantees to setle your tax debt for a certain sum via an offer in compromise or makes a specific monthly payment commitment. Before accepting you as a client, a respectable firm will undertake a thorough analysis of your case to ascertain the most likely result based on their prior experience with situations much like yours.

The bait-and-switch scheme is the second fraud. Some businesses will give you a low-price quote for a certain service merely to win your business, but when you ask about additional services, they’ll tell you about them and raise the price. On the other hand, most trustworthy tax resolution professionals operate on a fixed or flat fee basis, allowing you to know up front how much you’ll pay to secure a long-lasting resolution.

The third con involves the licensed professional vs. salesperson argument. You can only be represented before the IRS by a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or an atorney. Make sure you’re only discussing your situation and potential solutions with a licensed professional who is also a tax resolution specialist.

Finally, be wary of companies that demand payment in full up front. A professional tax resolution specialist will normally ask for a fair down payment to begin your case and will let you make fixed monthly payments over time that work with your budget.

In conclusion, avoid letting the difficulties of tax resolution overwhelm you. You may put your concerns to rest and concentrate on putting your financial life back on track with the assistance of a competent tax resolution specialist.

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