Five Reasons to Consult a Tax Resolution Expert

by | Dec 25, 2023 | Tax Lawyer

Tax issues can be complicated and daunting. When you are faced with IRS concerns or unsustainable tax debt, it may be time to seek expert advice from a tax settlement specialist.

Experts in tax resolution can assist people and organizations in navigating the complexities of the tax code and resolving tax-related issues.

This article will discuss the essential signs that indicate when it’s time to get help from a tax attorney near me.

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 1. Overwhelming Tax Debt

Being saddled with a big tax bill is one of the most important signs that you should speak with a tax resolution expert. A tax resolution specialist may evaluate your financial status and assist you in creating a plan to pay off your tax obligation, regardless of whether you owe back taxes, fines, or interest.

 2. IRS Audits and Notices

Getting audit notices or demands from the IRS might be intimidating and stressful. It’s advisable to speak with a tax resolution expert if you are facing an IRS audit, have received notice of delinquent taxes, or have discovered inconsistencies in your tax filings.

A tax attorney may assist you with the audit procedure, defend your rights, and make sure you provide the required paperwork in response to IRS queries.

 3. Wage Garnishments or Bank Levies

You need expert, urgent advice if the IRS has started wage garnishments or bank levies to collect outstanding taxes.

Experts in tax settlement can work with the IRS to negotiate the release of these levies and create a strategy for handling your outstanding taxes.

 4. Threats of Property Seizure

To pay off tax bills, the IRS can confiscate your belongings, including cars, residences, and other valuables. You must take immediate action and seek the advice of a tax lawyer if you have received threats of property seizure to safeguard your assets and negotiate a positive resolution.

5. Inability to Negotiate with the IRS

It might be challenging to negotiate with the IRS if you don’t have the necessary expertise and understanding. Experts in tax resolution are skilled in dealing with the IRS on behalf of their clients to protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly.


Final Thoughts

You should get in touch with a tax attorney near me when you run into any of the aforementioned problems. Businesses such as ours are capable of evaluating your tax status, creating customized plans, settling disputes with tax authorities, and offering comfort in trying circumstances.

When faced with tax issues, don’t be afraid to seek professional help; prompt action can result in better outcomes and financial relief.

Contact Cotts Law’s tax lawyer near me today at (361) 866-3819 for a free, no-obligation consultation to review your options.


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