Trusted Tax Attorney in South Texas

Trusted Tax Attorney in south Texas

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Hardworking American taxpayers are subject to a wide array of laws that can be potentially serious and problematic for their finances and businesses. COTTS LAW Tax Attorney proudly helps clients across Texas navigate through the world of tax law. Whether you need assistance with tax planning, consulting, help with resolving IRS disputes, state or local tax issues, or anything in between, we are here for you!

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By Law, the IRS has a deadline to collect unpaid Taxes: the CSED (Collection Statute Expiration Date). While there are several things that can “toll” (extend) this deadline, in general, the IRS only has 10 years after the ASSESSMENT of Taxes against you – generally this will be when your return is processed – and is often within a year from the filing of your Tax Return (although the IRS technically has up to three years to assess after filing). After the expiration of the CSED, the IRS is barred from collecting any Tax Debt owed.

If this seems confusing, it is meant to be – that is how the IRS works. We know the Tax Laws, and we know little-known facts like this. Let us analyze your Tax situation.  We will determine your CSED and determine if you are eligible for relief under the Tax Laws – or whether this can be used as a strategy for settling your Tax Debt.

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Hiring Tax Attorney in Texas vs CPA Help

Tax Attorney

Tax Attorney, are legal professionals who specialize in tax law. They have completed law school, passed the bar exam, and often hold additional certifications in tax law. Tax Attorney offer a unique set of advantages when it comes to addressing complex tax matters.


Tax Attorney are legal experts who have undergone rigorous legal training. Their educational background and extensive knowledge of tax law enable them to provide comprehensive legal counsel on complex tax issues. When you need legal guidance related to your taxes, a Tax Attorney can offer the expertise required to navigate intricate legal matters.

Tax Law Expertise

Tax Attorney possess a deep understanding of tax laws and can provide legal counsel on complex tax matters. This includes tax disputes, Tax controversy, litigation, and tax planning strategies. If you find yourself facing a tax-related legal issue, a Tax Attorney can assess your situation, develop a legal strategy, and represent you effectively in court or before tax authorities.

Legal Advocacy

One of the primary roles of a Tax Attorney is legal advocacy. In situations requiring legal action, such as disputes with tax authorities or complex tax litigation, Tax Attorney can represent you in court. They ensure your rights are protected and use their legal expertise to build a strong case in your favor.

Estate and Business Planning

Tax Attorney often specialize in Tax resolution, estate planning, business structuring, and other legal aspects tied to taxes. They can help you devise tax-efficient strategies for your estate or business. This can be particularly valuable for high-net-worth individuals and businesses with intricate financial structures.


While Tax Attorney offer specialized legal expertise, their services typically come at a higher cost than hiring a CPA. However, for individuals and businesses dealing with significant legal tax issues, the benefits of having a Tax Attorney on your side can far outweigh the expense.

Choosing the Right Professional

The choice between a CPA and a Tax Attorney should be based on your specific tax needs and the complexity of your situation.

  • If you require assistance with routine tax preparation, financial planning, or basic tax compliance, a CPA can be a cost-effective choice. Their expertise in tax preparation and financial planning can help you manage your taxes efficiently.
  • If you are dealing with complex tax matters, tax disputes, legal issues, or require estate or business planning with significant tax implications, a Tax Attorney may be the better option. Their legal expertise can provide valuable guidance and representation in legal tax matters.

In some cases, a combination of both professionals can be beneficial. A CPA can handle your day-to-day tax preparation and financial planning, while a Tax Attorney can step in when legal expertise is needed.

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