Common Frustrations When Dealing with the IRS over Back Taxes

by | Dec 18, 2023 | IRS

It can be intimidating and unpleasant to deal with the IRS, particularly if you’re trying to settle a sizable tax bill on your own.

Many taxpayers are caught up in a maze of bureaucracy and difficult-to-understand processes. This post will highlight the main points of annoyance that people have when attempting to get in touch with the IRS on their own and will also explain why, in many cases, getting help from professional tax relief services like Cotts Law is the best course of action.


1. Endless Wait Times & Automated Phone Systems

Excessive hold times are one of the most frequent annoyances that taxpayers have when contacting the IRS. The sheer number of people calling for help frequently results in lengthy wait times, which irritates people and wastes their time.

Navigating the IRS’s automated phone system can seem like an infinite loop of menu options, recordings, and prompts on top of having to cope with the wait times.

Many taxpayers find it difficult to speak with a live agent or to receive detailed answers to their inquiries. Expert IRS debt relief companies such as ours have staff and procedures for contacting the IRS or state on your behalf, in addition to professional numbers specifically designated for that purpose.

2. Lack of Clarity and Inconsistent Information

The typical taxpayer may need help understanding the complicated vocabulary and technical phrases used in IRS communications. Comprehending tax regulations, paperwork, and notices frequently calls for specialized understanding.

Additionally, taxpayers could get contradictory information or advice from several IRS agents. This discrepancy frequently makes matters worse for you and might cause misunderstanding as well as impede the resolution of tax-related concerns.

3. Lengthy Response Times

Response times to correspondence from taxpayers to the IRS via mail or fax can be agonizingly delayed. A delay in the settlement process and increased dissatisfaction might result from waiting weeks or months for a response.

4. Complex Documentation & Form Requirements

Sending the necessary paperwork to the IRS can be a complicated and involved process. Erroneous or missing paperwork may cause more issues and delays.

IRS forms are notoriously complex, on top of the difficulty of the documentation. Accurate form filling can be difficult, and mistakes might result in submissions being denied and other problems.

5. Intimidating IRS Notices & Negotiating

It might be frightening to receive a notice from the IRS, particularly if it contains legalese and makes threats of fines or liens. A lot of taxpayers feel overburdened and uncertain about how best to react.

When they do eventually get through to an IRS person, the process of negotiating can be rather taxing. Negative results could arise because taxpayers believe they lack the necessary skills to manage the negotiating process.

Given that the prospect of navigating the IRS on their own is such an unpleasant thought for most, many people seek the help of tax resolution professionals to help guide them through the maze of the IRS.

Tax relief services such as ours have the expertise, resources, and know-how to:

  • Communicate directly with the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer to expedite the resolution process.
  • Comprehend intricate tax codes, notifications, and documents.
  • Negotiate favorable terms for retiring tax debt.
  • Offer direction and clarity all along the way.
  • Reduce the tension and worry related to dealing with the IRS.


Concluding Thoughts

Dealing with the IRS independently is frustrating – that is a given. The complicated documentation requirements and endless wait times frequently leave taxpayers feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.

Seeking professional help from a reputable tax attorney for back taxes like COTTS LAW can be the most effective way to navigate the complex world of tax debt resolution, offering individuals the support and expertise needed to achieve a favorable outcome while alleviating the burden of IRS-related stress.

Contact our office today at (361) 866-3819 or visit for a free, no-obligation consultation, and let us deal with the IRS for you.


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