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We at COTTS LAW can help with many issues commonly encountered in dealing with business law. Whether dealing with business litigation, LLC formation, or anything in between, we can help you be sure of each business venture you decide to test out. We Deal with all kind of professional issues and workplace injuries like oilfield injuries and accident injuries. 

Put Your Trust In Our Experienced Team, And Rest Assured That Nothing Will Be Left To Question. Some Of Our Services Include:
Entity Formation- Many small and local businesses choose to operate within a recognized business entity rather than choosing to operate as a sole proprietorship or partnership. There are plenty of benefits to performing business functions through an entity! These include minimizing personal liability, a higher degree of professional anonymity, protecting assets, general business credibility, and more!

Non-Compete Agreements- A well-drafted non-compete agreement can limit competition considerably in the marketplace.

At COTTS LAW, we represent both the company and individual employees in non-compete for law. New employees will often be asked to sign an employment contract using non-compete language. This would be before taking a job or upon accepting a severance package. It is often crucial for employers today to prevent employees from forming a business in competition with their own or working for an existing business competitor. The state of Texas strictly adheres to laws regarding what qualifies as a valid non-compete agreement. General items and circumstances required for a non compete to be valid in Texas would include:

  • Reciprocity or Mutual Consideration
  • Necessity of Employer
  • Reasonable Restrictions

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Daniel T.A. Cotts J.D., L.L.M.

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Contracts, Buy-Sell Agreements, Purchase Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements


Formation Of LLC:

  • Attorney Service as Organizer
  • Company Agreement Customization
  • Advice Regarding Transferring Assets to LLC
  • Knowledge of Structuring Accounts and Finances


Creating Partnership Agreements

A well-crafted ownership agreement regarding a corporation, partnership, or limited liability will clear up ownership expectations and reduce the likelihood of potential disputes in the future.

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